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Our team

The Access Communications Team consists of experienced executives from within our industry. They are our most valuable resource and the main reason for our success.

Specialised knowledge

Each team member possesses specialised industry knowledge covering each sector of our market. The unique combination of team members adds value by introducing different approaches, allowing us to provide the best service to our clients.


Helping Control Costs

Airtime Analysis Report Airtime Analysis Report

Unlike many of our competitors it is our belief that, if we regularly check that our clients are on the optimum airtime tariffs, this will ensure customer loyalty and will benefit the client with considerable savings on their airtime account.

The Airtime Analysis Report is carried out on a quarterly basis and makes recommendations for the most cost effective tariffs.



Monthly Expenditure Report Monthly Expenditure Report

We offer our clients full management accounts support. This is carried out monthly for the Monthly Expenditure Report and quarterly for the Airtime Analysis Report and is emailed directly to the client.

The format of the Monthly Expenditure Report is as follows:

  • Summary of handset cost - this gives a monthly summary of all monthly costs
  • Outgoing Traffic Summary for all mobiles - this gives a summary of the months calls with a breakdown into groups
  • Vodafone Bundle Usage
  • Details of the 15 Highest Spending handsets
  • The 5 Lowest Spending handsets
  • The 20 Most Frequently dialled numbers
  • A graph showing distribution of calls through the billing period
  • A graph giving distribution of calls through the day
  • Details of the 15 Most Expensive calls

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