BlackBerry Bold 9700 mobile phones

We provide a comprehensive range of Smart Devices and Phones including BlackBerry, Nokia, HTC, Palm, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. These devices are connected to the Vodafone Business Tariffs providing cost effectiveness and the most extensive coverage.

Smart devices & phones

Who will want them?

Business people looking to be more productive when they're out of the office - anyone from Corporate Customers to One Man Bands.

How do they help users do business?

Smart Devices combine all the benefits of a phone with a Personal Digital Assistant and even a digital camera or video camera. They deliver emails and texts, connect phone calls, open applications, can organise diaries and offer high-speed access to the web. Because users are more informed and in control, they can respond to client requests and new business opportunities more quickly. Smart Devices also help users manage their time more effectively making their businesses more profitable.

How well do Smart Devices integrate?

In most Smart Devices the 'push-based' wireless technology automatically synchronises with existing office applications. Personal organiser, phone, browser, memo pad and task list can all be linked directly to the user's office network. Smart Devices can be developed and expanded to work with other applications as the company's needs change. They also offer advanced end-to-end security.

Why choose a Smart Device from Access Communications?

Vodafone are the market leaders with the most extensive international coverage. As a Vodafone Premier Partner our expertise and knowledge of wireless data communication is second to none.

We offer a dedicated service to businesses with comprehensive support that will provide fast, efficient solutions if there is a problem. We offer a comprehensive range of Smart Devices & Phones including BlackBerry, Palm and Nokia.

Don't need dozens of features on your phones?

We've got a great range of low cost business mobiles. From simple phones that let you call, text and check your email. Super tough handsets built for extreme conditions. Even ones that cut out background noise so calls are crisp and clear.


Business Tariffs

Fixed costs, flexible plans

Through Vodafone we've got a range of flexible price plans to fit the way your business works. For a fixed monthly cost you can get unlimited calls and texts – or minutes to share across your business.  And if your needs change, so can your plan.

  • Control costs – with shared minutes or unlimited calls and texts
  • Make budgeting easy – with predictable phone bills
  • Stay connected – add mobile email and internet to your plan

For larger businesses we are also able to provide bespoke corporate tariffing.


Helping Control Costs

Airtime Analysis Report Airtime Analysis Report

Unlike many of our competitors it is our belief that, if we regularly check that our clients are on the optimum airtime tariffs, this will ensure customer loyalty and will benefit the client with considerable savings on their airtime account.

The Airtime Analysis Report is carried out on a quarterly basis and makes recommendations for the most cost effective tariffs.


Monthly Expenditure ReportMonthly Expenditure Report

We offer our clients full management accounts support. This is carried out monthly for the Monthly Expenditure Report and quarterly for the Airtime Analysis Report and is emailed directly to the client.

The format of the Monthly Expenditure Report is as follows:

  • Summary of handset cost - this gives a monthly summary of all monthly costs
  • Outgoing Traffic Summary for all mobiles - this gives a summary of the months calls with a breakdown into groups
  • Vodafone Bundle Usage
  • Details of the 15 Highest Spending handsets
  • The 5 Lowest Spending handsets
  • The 20 Most Frequently dialled numbers
  • A graph showing distribution of calls through the billing period
  • A graph giving distribution of calls through the day
  • Details of the 15 Most Expensive calls
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