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Unified Communications

Unified Communications is the convergence of all business
communication applications, across a range of interfaces including PC, Telephone, Web or Mobile.

One Net

What is One Net?

Vodafone One Net is a hosted telephony solution that integrates fixed and mobile voice, delivering a converged communications experience, so people can be reached on a single number - whether they're in or out of the office. It's a simpler, more effective way for a small or medium-sized business to manage their voice communications.

What you get

With Vodafone One Net, your fixed IP and mobile phones work seamlessly as one:

  • One contract
  • One voicemail
  • One number (...but you can opt to have two)
  • One subscription to the service
  • One support centre
  • One set of call management and switchboard features for both devices
  • A secure online portal for management of the service

Why choose One Net

True convergence - there are no device or network restrictions and no call forwarding. Fixed and mobile devices work as one, improving efficiency and saving you money.

One expert partner - we're ideally placed to take care of your fixed and mobile voice. Trusted to deliver the communication services vital to businesses day-in, day-out.

Complete ownership - we take complete care of your communications, bringing together the specialists needed and a single point of ownership for rapid resolution.

Communicate how you want - we charge the same rate for fixed and mobile calls. So you don't need to worry about what devices staff use or the numbers they call.